Why Your Commercial Roof Needs a Fall Checkup

Feb 16, 2020Blog, Commercial Roofing

By September, your commercial roof has already been through the wringer for the year. It stood up to the frigid temperatures, snow, and ice of late winter, the rain and hail of spring, and the pounding heat of summer. After all of that stress, the best thing you can do for it is to have it inspected by a professional.

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Your commercial roof is the workhorse of your building’s envelope (the seal that keeps moisture and the elements outside where they belong). Keeping it in good condition is the key to avoiding many headaches as a building owner. Annual or semi-annual inspections by a commercial roofing specialist are the easiest way to maintain your roof’s integrity and spot problems before they start.


It’s never a BAD time to have your commercial roof inspected but there are a few reasons fall is the PERFECT time for it. First let’s talk about the year-round reasons regular inspections are the smart choice:

  • Having a professional assess the condition of your roof and recommend any necessary actions BEFORE you’re faced with a roofing emergency will allow you the time to research and choose the contractor that’s right for you, instead of being forced to accept the contractor that can get to you the soonest. Don’t put yourself in a position to make a rushed choice!
  • Having your roof assessed before serious problems occur also protects the rest of your building from damage. It’s far better to deal with the minor inconvenience of a roof repair or replacement than to also have to coordinate repairs for the interior of your building due to water damage from a leak, or worse.

As we mentioned, having roof inspections and subsequent work done in the fall comes with benefits you won’t find at other times of the year. Here’s why:


The benefits for commercial roofing in autumn mostly boil down to the weather. Fall temperatures and weather conditions are ideal for both commercial roofing materials and the professionals that install them.


Obviously, roofers have to take storm forecasts into account before beginning any work. Nobody wants their building to be caught in the rain without its hat! Less inclement weather in the fall means fewer delays to the start and completion of your project.


Being the coolest and driest season means fall is also ideal for the roofers themselves. Being able to work all day without worrying about heat exhaustion or frostbite means roofers can work faster and longer in autumn than at any other time of year. This translates to projects being completed quickly, with less inconvenience to businesses within the building.


Autumn’s moderate temperatures provide ideal conditions for commercial roofing materials, as well. Some commercial roofing systems, like EPDM, can’t be installed in temperatures below 40 degrees because the adhesives used won’t seal properly in frigid temps. If the work on your commercial roof requires adhesives, installing in autumn gives any thermal seals the time they need to fully settle and become airtight before harsh winter conditions put them to the test.


Whether the commercial roofing professional that inspects your roof recommends repairs, a commercial coating, a full replacement, or gives you the all-clear, knowing where you stand before you head into winter will give you immense peace of mind. Have you scheduled your roof’s fall check-up? If not, call us today!