How Much You Can Expect To Pay For Your Eastern Pa Roof

Aug 26, 2021Blog, Eastern Pennsylvania, Roofing

Repairing or replacing your roof is never an easy task, but it’s a necessary evil that has to be completed if you want your home to function like a well-oiled machine. The task of repairing or replacing your rooftop can be made easier when working with a reliable and professional roofing company in Eastern Pa.

We break down what various roof repairs and replacements can cost you in Eastern Pa.

Roof Repairs

Prices of roof repairs and replacements can vary depending on the size of the project, the materials required for the project, and the labor required to complete the project. It is important for you to have a roof inspector survey the area that requires repair before signing a contract with any company for the replacement or repairs.

A roof inspection in Eastern Pa can cost between $191.37 – $311.28 per inspection for a typical roofline.

It’s important to note that roofing materials can range between $100 per square to $1,000 per square, depending on the type of materials that you’re looking for.

In Eastern Pa, asphalt roofing repairs can cost you between $83.75 – $122.50 per hour plus materials.

To clean your Eastern Pa roof, you can expect to pay about $392.18 – $510.90 for the average roofline.

Roof Installations

According to the United States Census, the average American residential roof is 17-20 squares, equal to 1700-2000 square feet. The national average for roof replacements in the United States is around $7,886.

In Eastern Pa, we’re looking at an average cost of around $6,168.00 for shingle roofing. The cost of roof replacements can range between $5,376.00 and $6,961.00. A flat roof installation can cost you between $325 – $437 per 100 square feet. A tile roof installation can cost you between $868.88 – $1,390.20 per 100 square feet. A metal roof installation can cost you between $863.09 – $1,129.54 per 100 square feet.

All these numbers and expenses may sound daunting, but one needs to remember that making a proper investment in your home’s roof will only benefit you in the long run. It is best to do a good job once than spend years fixing little problems here and there, which can cost you thousands in the end.


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