Penetration Repairs and Your Commercial Roof Warranty

Dec 2, 2020Blog, Commercial Roofing

No matter where your commercial building is located, there’s likely a time when HVAC units, roof vents, electrical conduits, or other items will need to be installed. These require roof penetrations. Unfortunately, roof penetrations are always a risk for leaks unless they’re properly flashed and sealed.


And while facility managers may be able to flash and seal these penetrations adequately, they could, in the process, inadvertently compromise their roof warranty.


Roof penetrations need to be flashed according to specifications set by the roof system manufacturer. Do not create holes in your commercial roof system until you consult a commercial roofing professional.


Choose a roof professional that partners with the manufacturer of its roof systems. That’s how you can ensure that any needed roof penetrations will be properly flashed and sealed according to the terms of your roof warranty.


We partner with Conklin, whose products make up some of the most preferred roof coating systems in the nation. Additionally, Conklin roofing is backed by non-prorated warranties to protect your entire investment for the length of its warranty. Under Conklin’s non-prorated warranties, typically the roofing contractor warranties his workmanship, and Conklin warranties the roofing materials.


River Run Roofing also offers various coverage options for labor.


Do you know what maintenance is required on your commercial roof system? Some warranties specify routine roof maintenance that must be completed to preserve the terms of a warranty.


With a yearly maintenance contract, we can also provide up to 20 years of warranty protection for our labor.


Learn what repairs and routine inspections need to take place with your building’s roof to remain compliant with the manufacturer’s terms.


Keep a record of these and always review them with your roofing contractor prior to any repairs or roof perforations.


Another way a property owner might inadvertently jeopardize their roof warranty is to approve commercial roof repairs that use materials not compatible with the existing roof system.


Flashing around roof penetrations is a key risk for leaks. Yet improper choice of sealant could void your commercial roof warranty.


Our roof membrane systems require the use of acrylic caulking compound or Conklin 360-S urethane sealant for the roof warranty to last. Conklin offers extensive training to its roofing contractors so that they’re knowledgeable about proper sealant use and roof system compatibility.


River Run Roofing pros are proud to be Conklin-trained. It’s what sets us apart from many commercial roofing companies.


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