What Roof Shingle Colors [and Styles] Are the Most Popular?

Jan 18, 2021Blog, Shingle Roofing

Realtors will tell you that shingle color and style are important when it comes to the value of your home. Roofing product choices are ever-expanding and can range in costs from high-end slate to more affordable asphalt.


So, what roof shingle colors and styles are the most popular? That depends on your budget, the architectural style of your home, and where you’re located.


In Pennsylvania, asphalt shingles in dark gray or black are the most popular choice for residential roofing, especially on brick homes.



Common ranchers and homes with gable roofs are some of the most common architectural home styles and roofing options there are plenty of roofing materials that suit this design. Where it might get more difficult is with homes that have mansard roof features or Dutch Colonial characteristics. These architectural styles are often covered with slate or cedar shingles.

Roofer installing an asphalt shingle roofing system

The good news is that affordable asphalt shingles can mimic the appearance of more expensive roofing materials like slate or cedar. There are even scalloped asphalt shingles that look like custom slate roofing and asphalt that appears as weathered wood.


River Run Roofing professionals use Certainteed Landmark shingles as well as GAF and Owens Corning. No matter what style of home you own, count on us to provide you with great options in residential roofing.


ColorView by Certainteed gives you the option to upload a picture of your home, start designing, and see a preview your home in the color and style of shingle you choose. There’s also a nice gallery of sample homes.


Owens Corning offers DesignEyeQ is similar in that it too enables you to visualize shingle colors on your roof after you upload an image.


GAF provides VirtualRemodeler, which lets you mix and match GAF shingle styles and colors using a picture of your own home.


However, don’t base your roof color choice and shingle style on only these virtual renditions. The color, especially, may not appear as it does in “real life.” We recommend you schedule a free consultation with us to see roof material colors and types in person and to learn which options best suit your needs. We have years of professional experience helping homeowners pick the best roofing shingle colors and the best roof shingle types.


Maybe you don’t even want the most popular roof color and style in your region. There’s something to be said about standing out in the crowd. It’s OK to make a statement through your choice in home roofing. After all, the most important aspect of a residential roof is the quality of its installation.  River Run Roofing cares about protecting our customer’s investment with quality residential roofing services.


Get started on your home roofing project with the confidence you need to choose the best roof color and style for your home.