What to Do When a Storm Damages Your Roof in Eastern Pennsylvania?

Jun 28, 2022Blog, Eastern Pennsylvania, Storm Damage

Eastern Pennsylvania homes get hit with hail and wind damage to their roofs regularly.  When severe weather damages your roof it can be difficult to know what to do and who to contact to make sure your roof is properly repaired.  These simple guidelines will help streamline the process for you, so you can confidently navigate storm damage to your roof in Eastern Pennsylvania.

down power line storm damage Eastern Pennsylvania

Stay Safe

Severe weather can be dangerous, especially when the storms are strong enough to cause damage to your home.  Before you take any steps to begin the roof repair process you need to make sure the area is safe.  Downed power lines, broken gas lines, flood waters, and dangerous debris can create hazardous conditions.  Downed and broken lines are especially dangerous, and you should always call professional, emergency personnel to handle them then steer clear until the danger has passed.

Keep Records

Prepare yourself for the possibility of filing an insurance claim by keeping meticulous records of the damage to your home.  Photographs and lists will help you make sure you’re getting the coverage that you’re entitled to under your insurance policy terms.  It’s also a good idea to note the date and time of the storm as well as any news reports of wind speeds and hail sightings from local, Eastern Pennsylvania news sources.  As your inspect your property look for and record both obvious damage and other signs that the weather was severe enough to cause problems.  Some things to look for are:

  • Lifting or Missing Shingles
  • Bent or Broken Shingles
  • Holes in the Roof
  • Fallen Branches and Limbs
  • Damaged Fences and Porches
  • Damaged Gutters and Siding
  • Displaced Lawn Furniture and Garbage Cans

Contact Insurance

When you experience storm damage to your roof in Eastern Pennsylvania you’ll likely want to explore the option of filing an insurance claim with your homeowners insurance to cover the cost of the repairs or replacement if it’s needed.  Call your insurance provider promptly once the storm has passed and you’ve gotten a quick overview of the property.  They will send out an adjuster to inspect your roof and professionally assess the damage.  Some insurance companies will skip this step and use the report from a roofing contractor instead, especially when they’re very busy.  No matter what your insurance company chooses to do, be prepared with the following information when you make the initial call:

  • Your Policy Number
  • Your Contact Information
  • Damage You Observed
  • Question or Concerns About Your Policy

reputable Eastern PA roofing company

Hire Reputable Roofing Contractor

Whether your storm damage repair is going to be covered by your insurance company or you’re paying out of pocket the repairs need to be done.  You need a trusted, local roofing company like River Run Roofing in Eastern PA to professionally assess and inspect the roof and advise the appropriate course of action for the damage to your roof.  While we can’t handle your claim ourselves, we will provide the necessary documentation for you to file your claim with confidence.  Additionally if the damage isn’t covered we’ll help you come up with a plan of action for quality and affordable repairs for your home.

If your Eastern Pennsylvania roof has been damaged in a recent storm, call the trusted Eastern PA roofing company right away to get started with your repairs!