Why Roof Debris Cleanup Matters

Nov 24, 2020Blog, Roofing

Whether you’re looking for a residential roofing professional or a commercial roofing pro, one skill you may overlook in your quest to find the best roofer in your area is how that roofer handles debris and waste caused by the roof repair.


It may seem like a small worry, but it shouldn’t be. Proper roof debris cleanup should be part of a roofer’s job site etiquette.


River Run Roofing uses the Equipter RB4000 to remove waste and remediate the risk of nails and other debris ending up in your home’s gutter or the parking lot of your commercial building. Our roof debris management helps streamline our installation process so we can install and repair more efficiently. It also validates that we are professionals and care about our craft and industry, striving to leave no negative customer experiences in our wake.


Good job etiquette goes a long way. Bad job etiquette can be ruinous. We not only want to ensure that our customers get a quality roof, but we want their roof restoration experience to be a positive one. We believe good customer service creates lifetime clients and can promote references to potential clients.


This positive review is an example of how job etiquette, including roofing debris cleanup, plays a role in how your professional ranks.

The team was amazing had my roof done in a day and it looks gorgeous.  Very easy to communicate back and forth and very pleasant people to work with. They cleaned everything up so good you couldn’t even tell they were here. They were the best quote I got and were able to schedule things quickly.  Highly recommend this team.
— Julie Irwin, River Run Roofing customer

A customer who needs to do extensive yard cleanup after a roof restoration is unlikely to offer a positive review.  We’ll work with a customer who wishes to have cleanup details in the contract.


Roof debris in your gutters can cause clogs. Sometimes it’s a sign you need a roof repair. But when a roof repair causes debris to fill the gutters, that’s wrong. Your gutters are part of your property’s rainwater management system. Debris left in the gutters of your home or your residential building can impede that system, which can lead to water damage to the property.


A nail sweeper should be used to make sure no mess is left behind after your roof repair and minimize any damage. It’s unlikely, however, that even the best of roofing companies can retrieve every nail that ends up waste. But roofing professionals will make efforts to retrieve and dispose of nearly all.


There are roofing “professionals” who don’t give a lot of thought to the mess left behind. That isn’t us. The crew at River Run Roofing is known for its organized job sites, quality roofing skills, and we are dedicated to customer satisfaction.


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